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Menampilkan postingan dari November, 2017

Be Damn Good

I wanna remind you something. Being really damn good is not like most of people. Most of people are average. Most of people just stuck at their place. Most of people don’t like to see that you are higher than them. Unfortunately, I am still one of that most of people.
Accept the fact. There are only little damn good people. They are usually silent because not many people can follow their mind and soul. Then, you know that this way is so hard and quite. But for the sake of life, you must be one of them. Why? Because being damn good is the only way to live a life. I mean it. 
Be damn good and you can live your life to the fullest. Be damn good and you’ll say in the end that I don’t waste my time living this life. Be damn good. I am still on my way learning to be that damn good. Don’t ever ever give up on your journey. Surely, there will be lots of people and things that will drag you down. Remember, like a game, they just test you. Many people will leave you. You will lose many things.…